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Blue Roof seeks to be a supportive environment for homeschool parents, as well as offer an array of classes to further enrich your homeschool education. All of our classes are taught by either a homeschool parent, a retired or current educator, or a work-world professional or retired professional who each seek to bless others with the knowledge and skill sets they’ve been taught as well as developing Christian character in our children.

Blue Roof classes are structured in a five period format on Mondays from 10:30AM through 4:00PM from September through April. 

Classes are 50 minutes or longer, depending on the subject and are for grades K5 through 12th grade. Students must have reached their 5th birthday by September 11, 2023 in order to enroll in classes. You are not required to take classes for the full co-op day for all blocks. 

Blue Roof Co-Op is not a school nor are we accredited by any state or national educational agency. Should you include Blue Roof as part of your family’s homeschool journey, please consider your student’s ability to self-govern. Students are expected to regulate their own behavior, participate in class, and demonstrate a positive attitude.  

Our classes are organized by grade in the table of contents of the Course Catalog. You’ll find tuition and materials fees on each class page. The Class Schedule is listed separately so you can reference class times without downloading the entire description packet.  Students also find it helpful to have their own copy at the beginning of the year.